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FIRE Moissanite Earrings - JOLLAY.CO
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FIRE Moissanite Earrings

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100% REAL

NEW fAkE Diamonds Pass The Diamond Test???

From: Jollay The Jeweler

Sounds crazy, right?

But believe it or not, it true.

This might be jewelers worst nightmare...

The haters WILL be mad... (So lets keep this a secret)

But these are NOT DIAMONDS...


Because they're so close in hardness to diamonds... most of those testers CAN'T tell the difference.

Imagine the look on their face 🤣

But don't get confused... These are NOT actually fake diamonds... NOTHING LIKE THAT.

These are special gem stone from space.


They were discovered in a meteor crater in Canyon Diablo, Arizona by Henri Moissan in 1893...


For more than 10 years... Scientists thought these gem stones were diamonds and they came from space...

They realized though... These were NOT diamonds...

These were a NEW gemstone.

A real deal exotic one!

Made of silicon carbide...

And NOW... You can FLEX ON THEM with it!

And you can be... ASAP when you order today

This is READY to ship from the USA. It's not custom made. And it WON'T take months to deliver from China.

I use USPS first class mail... It only takes three days to deliver. Order by the end of the day and I'll ship it out on the NEXT business day, and you'll be flexing on them a few days later!

You ready to flex with REAL JEWELRY?

Well now you can!

Nothings fake about these...

The stones are hand selected, and hand set for the best shine.


This is NOT gold color paint. Or fake gold plating... This does NOT have that cheesy obviously fake look...

This is REAL!

If you're NOT allergic to real gold or silver, then this WON'T TURN YOUR SKIN GREEN.

Get it and you'll be rocking the real gold look! It's shined and polished for a clean finish--shine on them with the crazy mirror like luster.

Everybody will see you have THAT real gold look because it is real gold!

It has THAT luster!

Dipped SEVEN times in REAL MELTED 14k yellow gold over REAL SOLID .925 SILVER. (Rhodium if you get white gold)



You get to flex real gold without the price...

Now you might be thinking...

"This isn't pure gold, so it's FAKE"

I get why you'd think that. There's a lot of fake gold plated jewelry out there...

And I want you to know this is REAL GOLD.

It does not matter that it's not pure gold, it's still real... (IF IT'S DIPPED IN REAL GOLD).

And this is dipped in real gold...

NOT gold color paint that is cheesy and obviously fake like the stuff you can find at the mall.

And iff not being pure gold makes jewelry fake... Then what about solid 14k gold?

That's not pure gold! It's only 58.5% pure. And 10k is only 41.7% pure.

That's not fake, right?

Same with this. It doesn't matter that its LESS REAL gold... It's still REAL gold.

A $20 bill is still real money, even though it's worth less than a $100 bill... Right?

MY jewelry is no different. 


If you're smart, then you know there is no real answer to that.

You'd be paying for jewelers mark up on the gold THAT NO ONE'S GONNA SEE!

That's not all though...

This is solid .925 silver.

And even though these jewelers want you to think gold is better, it's really just more expensive.

Gold is NOT better...

Silver is actually better than gold because...

  • Silver is more rare (above ground)
  • Silver is harder and more durable (scratches less than gold)
  • Silver is MORE pure. (92.5% pure vs 58% pure for 14k gold)

And even though silver is BETTER than gold for jewelry, it's still a better deal. 

If you wanted one of these from me in solid gold it would cost more than $3k.

Instead you could just cop a pair of these in SOLID SILVER and...

PASS The diamond test on the haters


These exotic space gem stones pass the diamonds test!... You ready for that? Imagine the look on their face...

They'll think you spent 10-15k on some VS diamonds!... (When you really only dropped $200)

Now someone once tried to tell me...


If you are thinking that you'd be wrong... Thats just what jewelers told us to think because diamonds are most expensive...

These are not fake diamonds. They're moissanite gemstones...

They're just a different gemstone. There is thousands of different gem stones. Just because it's not a diamond... That just means its not a diamond.

Think about it.

Ruby's and emeralds are real, right?... (Even though they're not diamonds)



You could be passing the diamond test, with FIRE drip in your ears...

These don't just pass diamond test


They have a high refractive rate...higher than diamonds

...(That's just a fancy way of saying they hit harder).

Get this if you want you want some real drip.

AND... You'll get to flex it–RISK FREE! (For 14 days).

YES! Risk free!!!

And unlike a lot of places... Risk free MEANS risk free.

With a no questions asked 14 day refund policy, no ones gonna ask you questions... Or  anything like that...

If you don’t like it, just let me know...

I’ll send you a return label... you send it back, then you get your money back.

If you don’t like my jewelry, you’ll get your money back... (it’ll be like it never happened).

And you can send it back in ANY condition. 

So yeah, you really do get to try this risk free!

See it for yourself. See what other people think. THEN decide if you want to keep it.

Can this deal get any better?

YES! It can...

With a ONE year warranty.

And this is not one of those limited warranties...

This a FULL WARRANTY, that covers ANY and ALL damage.


I don't just have millions of these laying around.

They're limited.

I'm not saying they'll be gone by tomorrow...

I'm just saying I can't guarantee they won't be gone tomorrow.

Thank you
Jollay The Jeweler

P.S. Here's how to order:

  1. Go to the top of the page
  2. Choose yellow or white gold
  3. Click “ADD TO CART” button

Then just complete checkout to order a pair of these REAL moissanite earrings... (while you still can).

They're not diamonds, but they will pass the diamond test.

A pair is ONLY $197 and they will ship on the next day with USPS first class mail... (3 day shipping).

You get to own it, RISK FREE for 14 days...

And you even get a full ONE year warranty.