FAQ & Contact Info

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: Orders get shipped on the same or next business day via the USPS (first class mail). USPS first class mail takes only 3 days to deliver in the USA on average. When it ships you get a tracking # and an estimated delivery day.

All of our pieces ship from my office in TX.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yeah. Only for NEW clients in the USA though.

All orders are backed with a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


For example, it doesn't matter if:

  • You don't like it
  • Ordered the wrong size
  • Smashed it to pieces with a hammer
  • Think diamonds shine harder
  • Got the wrong size
  • Dropped it down the toilet
  • Changed your mind
  • Or just need your money back

My philosophy is if you don't like my jewelry, then I don't deserve your money.

Just contact me within 14 days after delivery. You'll be sent a return label, send it back in ANY condition (for ANY reason)... 

Once it's delivered, you'll get the refund notification, and the money will be back in your bank account a week later. (Returns, refunds, and exchanges are fast & free)

Additionally all pieces are backed with a free one year warranty.

Meaning you can return your piece for any reason, one time, within one year of delivery for a replacement piece.

Contact me: Service@jollay.co for returns and warranty. And we will send you a return label. (MUST CONTACT US)

*Orders placed outside of the USA are not refundable and do not get a warranty*

*Solid gold, diamonds, moissanite are not covered under warranty, and returns are not accepted, no exceptions.* 

Q: Do you sell fake jewelry?

A: Nope! NOTHINGS fake about my jewelry.

It's handmade. I use real genuine gold, rhodium, .925 silver.

And (trademark pending) ****** gemstones made from a secret blend of zirconium oxide, magnesium, and calcium at 5000 degrees F.

These gem stones are NOT diamonds... But don't let make you think they're fake! That's just what these jewelers want you to think!

There's thousands of different gemstones used in jewelry.

These are a different stone.

They're not made from glass or plastic.

And I guarantee them to shine harder than diamonds. 

Q: Will your jewelry pass the diamond test?

A: No, because they're not diamonds.

I don't use diamonds because my stones shine harder.

Q: Will your jewelry make me allergic?

A: I'm not your doctor, and I don't know what you're allergic too. 

But if you're not allergic to solid gold and solid silver jewelry then you won't be allergic to my jewelry.

Nickle and lead are never used.

How long does the gold finish last?

A: Several years with good care.

Avoid wearing in the shower, when sweating, and when sleeping.

Q: Where you located?

A: I ship orders from my office in TX in the DFW area. I don't have any retail store you can go to. 

Q: Why should I get my jewelry from you?

A: That really depends on what you are looking for.

Truth is a piece from me's, not for everybody. 

For example, if you're one of those "I can get it cheaper people"... Or you're not really balling (even though it doesn't cost a fortune, there's no point in flexing this hard if you're not eating good).

If that's you, don't waste your time here. There's other places that'll sacrifice quality, for you.

It won't be me...

My jewelry is made for somebody who's can spend 30-50x more on diamonds... But knows there's no logical reason too... When you can have one of my pieces that's guaranteed to shine harder than diamonds.

Q: My question wasn't answered

A: email me: service@jollay.co and me or my assistant will get back to you.