Here's PROOF My Jewelry Hits Harder Than Diamonds:

The diamond pendant (right) is made with diamonds. And costed me $1500 dollars. (the chain was a extra $1000)

My drip (left) is not diamonds. Yet it hits harder. And costs less than a $100! That's proof that you can be flexing harder with my jewelry, than somebody that dropped 20-30x more.

You know…

I could’ve just charged more for worthless diamonds… But Instead, I wanted to sell this jewelry because it’s WAAY icier, and NOT a scam like diamonds…

That way more people like me don’t spend 25x what they can spend HERE ON SOMETHING THAT DRIPS HARDER!

Now recently someone tried to say…

“it’s not diamonds… so it is fake”

And i said this:

If my jewelry's fake... Why does it drip harder than something 25x the price?

Why would you pay 25x more when my stuff drips harder??

And if you know diamonds are a scam… Why would you buy them?

He was speechless. This guy had NO answer!

So I offered him this: 14 days to put my jewelry to the test...

I told him he can wear my jewelry risk free for 14 days. He can take it to a jeweler and compare it to diamonds 25x the price… See what his friends think…

Etc. etc. etc.

This guy changed his mind! He loved my jewelry right out the box…

But he knew for sure it was real… when he took it to a local jeweler…

and saw my jewelry was HIT WAY HARDER something 25x the price!

If you want that same offer… Well, I offer it on all of my pieces (Except a custom)… To ALL NEW clients…


And Here's PROOF Diamonds Are A SCAM:



This little mark confirms all the claims below are backed by sources.


  • They're only expensive because of shady advertising, and a monopoly. THEY LIED TO US... They're actually one of the most common gem stone. According to   [1]
  • Scientists at M.I.T. estimates that there's enough diamonds around for everybody on earth (all 8 billion of us) to own 560 million carats of diamonds. Each. [2] Isn't that wild? There's enough diamonds out here, FOR ALL OF US... To be flexing harder than every rappers combined (560 MILLION carats each) Yet, THEY want us spending thousands on them.
  • Former chairman of "Big Diamond" once said "diamonds are intrinsically worthless" (I didn't say the name of the company for legal reasons but you can google that)... And if you don't know... The chairman is the CEO'S boss... And intrinsically is just a fancy way of saying truly. [3] Can you believe that? The guy running "Big Diamond" ADMITTED that he's been finessing us!
  • They don't last forever, according to many sources - “diamonds decay faster than most rock and they eventually turn to graphite" [4] Yeah... They lied to us about that too.
  • They lose value the minute you buy them, according to economists. [5] Imagine needing money in an emergency, then finding out those "thousands of dollars worth of diamonds" you bought... Are really ONLY worth less than 100 bucks. Thats why I'm on a mission. So that does not happen to people.
  • In 2004 "Big Diamond" pleaded guilty to criminal price fixing - According to an article in The NY Times. [6] Big diamond is an actual, 100+ billion dollar corporation btw... I'm not saying they're name for legal reasons... But... Yeah... THEY PLEADED GUILTY
  • And That Is Why I'm On A Mission To F*** Up The Diamond Game. So People Don't Get Finessed By "Big Diamond"

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