Secret #1 - How THEY Used Diamonds To Finesse The World... (And Almost Take Over The World)!


From: Jollay The Jeweler

After leaving the jewelry store pissed off about not getting money back…

I kept thinking about what that jeweler told… “son a solid rock like aint even worth anything”

WHAAAT? That shit made NO sense…

He was selling that ring for 12 thousand dollars… and he just told me it’s worth nothing…

I just had to know if what he’s saying was true… Maybe he was just lying, right? He made the sale already and wasn’t tryna lose…

Wrong! He was telling the truth… And the truth was way worse than I could ever imagine.

Like imagine thinking your girls 100% loyal, then finding out she’s really for the streets! That might sound dramatic, but let me explain...

Here's What Happened:

1st, GBE (not glory boys, Great British Empire) was trying to take over the world.

2nd, In South Africa, Cecil Rhoades, a colonizer discovered millions of diamonds.

3rd, "Big Diamond" built a monopoly. Bought out all the mines... That way, they could control the price.

4th, They lied to US!

Here's how they did it:

It’s the late 1800s, what is now the UK used to be GBE… No not glory boys… they was the “Great British Empire” and they were ruthless back then. They were responsible for the atlantic slave trade. The “sun never set on their empire” owning all large parts of every continent.

They held their empire together with prime ministers for each colony.

They owned the land. (including all its resources)

Cecil Rhoades was one of these prime ministors. He was hungry for wealth and power. When he died… In his will was an evil plan.

His plans to colonize almost the entire world was in his will. He wanted to own all America (including the United States). Imagine how fucked we'd be if his evil plan went through?...

But anyway, in the 1800s diamonds weren’t a thing. They were really rare, but also unknown. People didn't know about them, or buy them... They were used for industrial shit.

That was until the late 1800s when that guy Cecil Rhodes hit the jackpot.

He discovered millions of diamonds. He was smart though. Knowing this would lower the demand. And make them worthless...

He kept it a secret. From his profits he bought out every diamond mine in existence.

Now owning all the diamonds in the world at the time… "Big Diamond" became the greatest monopoly of all time.

He had the ability to fulfill his evil plan of taking over the world....

Fortunately for us though, diamonds weren’t a thing. They weren’t bought for weddings. And they weren’t used for jewelry really.

And Cecil died in 1904… Before he had a chance to finesse the world.

It wasn’t until the 1950s diamonds became popular when...

THEY Finessed Us...

For the next 50 years they pushed them on the world as a gemstone for jewelry…

But it wasn’t until 1948 when they finessed the world. They realized if they want everybody to buy diamonds, they had to lie.

They had to convince people that diamonds had to be used to get married… And that how much they paid equaled how successful they were.

They Wanted Us To Pay TWO Months Salary On Them... Knowing They're Worthless

Something to think about:

It might sound crazy how they got away with this... But this was "different" time...

Back in the 1900s doctors used to recommend smoking cigs...


They came up with some slogans “A diamond is forever” and “how else could you make two months salary last forever”

And that's not even true… “diamonds decay faster than most rocks” and they eventually turn to graphite (the stuff inside pencils) according to many sources.

But This Was NOT Enough

For the past 60-70 years they’ve been pushing these lies with help from Hollywood. They used celebrities, put diamond ring proposals in movies to reinforce these lies.


📠Facts Over Fiction:

They're only expensive because of shady advertising, and a monopoly. They're actually one of the most common gem stone. According to   [1]

  • Scientists at M.I.T. estimates that there's enough diamonds around for everybody on earth (all 8 billion of us) to own 560 million carats of diamonds. Each. [2]
  • Former chairman of "Big Diamond" once said "diamonds are intrinsically worthless" (I didn't say the name of the company for legal reasons but you can google that)... And if you don't know... The chairman is the CEO'S boss... And intrinsically is just a fancy way of saying truly. [3]
  • They don't last forever, according to many sources - “diamonds decay faster than most rock and they eventually turn to graphite" [4]

They lose value the minute you buy them, according to [5]

In 2004 "Big Diamond" pleaded guilty to "criminal price fixing - According to an article in the NY Times [6]  Big diamond is an actual company btw... I'm not saying they're name for legal reasons but you can figure it out yourself.

And that's WHY i'll never use diamonds, sell them, or buy them...


Jollay The Jeweler

P.S. tmr I'll tell you about secret #2 AND secret #3... So be on the look out


The sources for all the 📠 facts above are at the bottom of the page

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