Secret #5 - How The Worlds Greatest Monopoly Killed 4 Million HUMANS...


From: Jollay The Jeweler

Yeah… Diamonds have killed four million humans according to the national geographic.

How is this possible?

I’ll explain…

1st, The Great British Empire colonized and looted many parts of Africa leaving the Governments shaky.

2nd, Now there’s these “rebel groups” that are trying to take over the countrys…

3rd, The rebel groups take over the diamond mines...

4th, Then they trade diamonds for weapons and use the weapons to try an take over the country!

5th, This all created violent civil wars everywhere. Leaving more than four million people, dead. (according to national geographic) [1]



Now they passed some acts to stop people from selling/buying blood diamonds.

They use the “kimberley process” to make sure they’re not selling any blood diamonds.

And they claim they are 100% positive they are not selling blood diamonds.

And I’m saying this is 100% bullshit… And anybody who can think can see why…

Blood diamonds aren’t actually covered in blood. There’s no branding on them. It is impossible to tell if the diamonds at the jewelry store are blood diamonds…

A jeweler saying this is not a blood diamond, is like the weedman saying this nugs from Cali.

Nothing can change that. Especially when diamonds are passing through hundreds to thousands of hands before they reach the jewelry story.

Yeah, they try and track everything… But you really think it’s accurate? What’s stopping one of thousand people the diamonds passed through from lying?

Also because diamonds last a while… That diamond piece at the store… It’s diamond could be blood diamonds from 20 years ago, before the kimberley process existed.

Look: I’m not tryna tell you what's right and wrong… But I think it’s wrong to buy something millions of people have died from! Do you?


Jollay The Jeweler

P.S. Tmr I'm gonna tell you about secret #6