What THEY don't want you know!...(until it's too late)

(From an email I sent)


This SH** DON'T EVEN DRIP!"... I'm yelling at this jeweler!


Yo it's Jollay The Jeweler.

Yesterday I told you about how EVERYBODY thought my jewelry was FAKE.

If you missed yesterday's email go here to read it:


This email, I'm telling you what happened...

When I went back to the jeweler to see whats good.

He told me WHAT THEY don't want us to know, until it's too late:

He looks at me like I'm crazy.

"It's dripping right now" This jeweler says.

"That's wack, when I was at school it wasn't" I said.

"Well thats because we have good lights in here... When you wanna see it drip just take out the flash" He says as he tests my jewelry. 

It's real.

Now I'm tight. I just dropped $2500 with this guy... 

And he's telling me I need a light to make it shine.

So I'm like... I still want my money back.

He says "he can only give me back $400 because that's all the golds worth"

WTF... Getting back $400 for what I paid $2500 for. Not a good deal.

I ask him... "What you mean that's all the golds worth...

What about the diamonds".

He looks me in the dead in eye and tells me... 

What THEY don't want us to know:

"Son, a solid rock like this aint even worth anything" He says as he shows me an expensive diamond ring.

"Best I can do is $400" He says again.

I dipped.

Thought he was just trying to finesse me...

But he was telling the truth.

Diamonds are WORTHLESS. Seriously, when I googled it, here's what I found out:

Former debeers chairman once admitted "Diamonds are intrinsically worthless"

Source: MEDIUM

Now if you don't know, debeers is one of the biggest diamond companies...intrinsically is just a fancy way of saying truly...

And the chairman is the CEO's boss...

Basically this guys the el chapo of the diamond game, and he said diamonds are worthless.

More facts:

M.I.T. or Massachusetts institution of Tech estimates there are over a quadrillion tons of diamonds on Earth.

Thats tons, NOT carats.

And after doing a lil math... 

There's enough diamonds out here, for all of us (8 billion people) to have 560 MILLION carats EACH.

(MY jewelry made with real exotic gem stones is more rare)

And here's a lil history lesson:

In the 1800s diamonds were rare, but had no demand.

Then in the late 1800s Cecil Rhodes, a British colonizer, hit the jackpot and found tons of them in Africa...(Which he stole).

Knowing this would make them worthless...He decided to limit the supply.

He created a monopoly. 

Formed a cartel, and made them expensive so he could get rich off stolen, worthless rocks.

In the early 1900s they hired an ad agency to make people think they're expensive and needed for marriage.

They ran commercials telling lies.

And they bought there way into Hollywood, churches, and schools with fake history lessons.

They did such a good job... Most people today don't know whats good...(Until it's too late)

The CEO of pricenomics once said in a huffington post article:

"As soon as you leave the jeweler with a diamond, it loses over 50 percent of its value."

And thats for more expensive, larger stones. If you have diamond jewelry thats iced with little stones...

You'll get nothing for them!

Atleast that's what happened to me...

So there it is... What THEY don't want us to know:

They don't want us to know diamonds are WORTHLESS (until it's too late).

But here's the good news...

If you read yesterday's email, you know I have REAL jewelry, iced with a NEW exotic gem stone...

And I ***GUARANTEE*** them to hit harder than diamonds​​​​​​.

Why would you spend thousands on diamond jewelry?...(When it's worthless) and you can get BETTER jewelry for the low​​ off me?

If you can think logically, then you know there's no good answer to that.​​

Go here to cop some: