Yo I'm Jollay The Jeweler and I'm doing this because I'm on a mission to f*** up the diamond game.


Because a few years ago I was doing what you're doing right now. Looking for REAL jewelry.

Back then, I had some fake stuff. But it made my neck green, and got me clowned all the time.

I always wanted real jewelry: I was trying flex and show the haters I was on the grind while they were hating...

So, I spent all my money, $2500, on a real diamond pendant an chain. But the problem was that, everybody thought it was fake, because it barely shined. Even I thought it was fake. Even though I knew I was real.

And when I tried to get my money back that's when the jeweler told me the truth. He told me that diamonds aren't worth anything.

After doing research, I found out the truth about diamonds, that jewelers don't want us to know:


This little mark confirms all the claims below are backed by sources.

✔️ They're only expensive because of shady advertising, and a monopoly. They're actually one of the most common gem stone. According to gemsociety.org   [1]

✔️ Scientists at M.I.T. estimates that there's enough diamonds around for everybody on earth (all 8 billion of us) to own 560 million carats of diamonds. Each. [2]
✔️ Former chairman of "Big Diamond" once said "diamonds are intrinsically worthless" (I didn't say the name of the company for legal reasons but you can google that)... And if you don't know... The chairman is the CEO'S boss... And intrinsically is just a fancy way of saying truly. [3]
✔️ They don't last forever, according to many sources - “diamonds decay faster than most rock and they eventually turn to graphite" [4]
✔️ They lose value the minute you buy them, according to economists. [5]

✔️ In 2004 "Big Diamond" pleaded guilty to "criminal price fixing - According to an article in The NY Times. [6]  Big diamond is an actual, 100+ billion dollar corporation btw... I'm not saying they're name for legal reasons.


✔️ ✔️ Sources:

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2. https://vt.co/news/weird/scientists-have-apparently-found-quadrillions-of-tons-of-diamonds-beneath-earths-surface

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4. https://wtamu.edu/~cbaird/sq/2013/12/17/why-do-diamonds-last-forever/

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6. https://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/10/business/de-beers-agrees-to-guilty-plea-to-re-enter-the-us-market.html

(You can copy the links above and check out the sources)

And While Most Jewelers WON'T Tell You This–I Will!

Diamonds are not the ONLY thing real jewelry can be iced with.

There are BETTER gem stones out here... That aren't a scam... And SHINE HARDER.

After realizing diamonds are a scam, that was when I found out about a new exotic gemstone made from zirconium oxide, magnesium an calcium.

When I saw them...

I couldn't believe my eyes.

These new exotic gemstones hit way harder than diamonds (even though the diamonds cost 25x more).

F*** diamonds. These gems are way more fire!... (and they’re not a scam like diamonds).

These won't pass the diamond test. But don't let that fool you. That doesn't actually mean its fake. It just means it is not a diamond.

When I got a piece made with these stones...

Everybody That Thought My Jewelry Was Fake, Now Knew It Was Real!

That was years ago...

✔️ Now I'm on a mission to really mess up the diamond game with this drip: It is guaranteed to shine harder than diamonds, or 100% your money back.

Why would you spend 20-30x more on diamond jewelry?... (When diamonds are a scam)... And this, real drip, is guaranteed to hit harder?

If you don't like getting finessed...

If you want to flex real jewelry for the low...

If it makes sense to put this to the test...

Then you should get this drip, because it is real and guaranteed to hit harder than diamonds or 100% your money back.