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Classic Natural Silver Rope Chain

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100% REAL

Get This Classic, SOLID SILVER Rope Chain, ONLY $37

From: Jollay The Jeweler


Before you cop this... Know this:

  • This does NOT look like white gold
  • It won't pair well with my other white gold jewelry

This is a natural silver rope chain.

It's a different look then white gold drip.

So only get this if you're gonna wear it alone... You can CLICK HERE though to see my white gold rope chains. Those match my other white gold jewelry.

Now that you know that... Keep reading for all the details:

Get it today and it will ship out tomorrow with...


Shipping only takes three days. This will not takes months to deliver from China...

Get it today and drip with it... ASAP!


This chain is not plated, dipped, or anything like that...

It's made from SOLID SILVER!

You get that natural silver look for only $37.


YES! Believe it or not...

Silver is actually better than gold. (Even though gold costs more).

Here's why:

  • Silver is more pure
  • Silver is MORE DURABLE
  • Silver is more rare...

And even though silver is better than gold... Silver costs WAY less.

For example...

If you wanted this same exact chain. Same size. With SOLID LINKS... But in solid gold...

In Solid gold, this would cost more like $400... 

Why spend $400 on solid gold?... (When silver is better and more rare)

There's no reason to... Right?

Cop this classic silver rope chain NOW, and I'll get it you ASAP!

Diamond Cut Drip!

This rope chain has some clean diamond cuts...

They hit the light, an keep your neck froze...

And with the high polish finish...


AND... You'll get to flex it–RISK FREE! (For 14 days).

YES! Risk free!!!

And unlike a lot of places... Risk free MEANS risk free.

With a no questions asked 14 day refund policy, no ones gonna ask you questions... Or  anything like that...

If you don’t like it, just let me know...

I’ll send you a return label... you send it back, then you get your money back.

If you don’t like my jewelry, you’ll get your money back... (it’ll be like it never happened).

And you can send it back in ANY condition. 

So yeah, you really do get to try this risk free!

See it for yourself. See what other people think. THEN decide if you want to keep it.

Can this deal get any better?

YES! It can...

With a ONE year warranty.

And this is not one of those limited warranties...

This a FULL WARRANTY, that covers ANY and ALL damage.

 But you CAN'T SLEEP

Because I don’t just have unlimited rope chains.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.

And when they’re gone they can take months to restock.

Thank you
Jollay The Jeweler

P.S. Here's how to order:

  1. Go to the top of the page
  2. Choose length
  3. Click “ADD TO CART” button

Then just complete checkout to order this REAL ROPE CHAIN... (while you still can).

It’s only $37.00 and it will ship on the next day with USPS first class mail... (3 day shipping).

You get to own it, RISK FREE for 14 days...

And you even get a full ONE year warranty.