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"How long does delivery take?"

Have you ever ordered something online… Then waited months? I know I have. It’s kinda shot, waiting that long, right?

I want you to know, we are not like that.  Orders get shipped with USPS First Class Mail. And that only takes three days. You also get a tracking number the minute the label is printed. It's automatically sent to your email.

We are not as fast as amazon. But shipping does take only three days. Everything (except customs) are ready to ship on the next work day. Then three days later, you’ll be wearing some fresh ass dip.

Sometimes there’s delays, like during the holidays, or because of Covid. But even then, delivery is still fast. And you won’t be left wondering… “Where’s my drip?”.

"Do you really accept refunds? I’ve been told that before, but then couldn’t get one"

Yes, but only for new clients in the USA though.

Let me tell you a story:

Years ago, I remember my Dad was getting heated with the manager at the mall.

They wouldn’t let him return the speaker, because he threw the box out. After an hour of arguing… “I just got it yesterday! “Who keeps the box?”

The manager finally gave us the refund.

I want you to know, that will never happen here. You won’t have to ask twice for a refund. And you won’t get denied. Even if you return it smashed to pieces.

Only thing you gotta do to get a refund is contact us, 14 days after delivery:

You’ll be sent a return label, within 24 hrs. Then just send it back and you’ll get your money.

But do you really get all your money back?

Let me tell you another story…

Before I was a jeweler, I spent $2500 on a diamond pendant with the chain. That was all the money I had. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much.

But the jeweler kept saying: “There’s a money back guarantee”

“Fuck it. I’m cashing out.”

But when it came time to get my money back, he said he could only get $400 back, because “that's all the golds worth.”

Maybe that’s happened to you before. You wanted a refund, but then you had to pay some fees. And you never got 100% your money back.

I want you to know, you will get 100% your money back. There is no restocking fee, or anything like that.

In fact, getting a return won’t cost you anything. Not even shipping.

My philosophy is, if you don’t like my jewelry, then I don’t deserve your money. Seriously, it’s not a big deal. If you don’t need my jewelry, then I don’t need your money.

"What if your jewelry breaks on me a few months later?"

Don’t you hate when something breaks? I know I do.

That's why everybody gets a one year warranty. For free.

Let me know if this has ever happened to you:

You pay extra for a warranty… JUST to lose the warranty card? And then get denied for a replacement!

That’s why you don’t need a warranty card here. Just contact us: tell us the order #. And ask for it to be fixed.

Then a few weeks later you’ll be feeling fresh, with real drip, once again.

This covers any damage. If stones fall out. The piece is completely ruined. Or if it’s just kinda worn out. You can get a brand new one.

“But is this REALLY real? Like will it pass a diamond test?"

Yes it’s really real. But these aren’t diamonds. They won’t pass a diamond test… But don’t let that fool you...

You see jewelers just want you to think that passing a diamond test means real.

The truth?

There’s hundreds of thousands of gemstones out there that won’t pass a diamond test.

It doesn’t mean it’s fake. It means it’s a different gemstone.

These are not diamonds. But don’t let that fool you. These are real. And they shine really hard.

In fact, I guarantee them to hit harder than diamonds, or 100% your money back.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1) Get the drip
  • 2) Go to jewelry store
  • 3) Compare it to diamonds 20-30x the price
  • 4) See for yourself, which one shines harder.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes.

NOBODY has proved me wrong yet.

Once you get this fire drip... There will be no way you want to return it.

You'll see how hard these new exotic gem stones hit. And people will know you got real jewelry…

“Bro I’m with this girl and she said. IS THAT REAL THAT LOOK REAL LMAO you the goat”

-Client feedback

I remember spending $2500 on real diamond jewelry (Passes diamond test) But EVERYBODY thought it was fake…

Yet, when I flex my own jewelry, nobody ever thinks it’s fake. Nobody really has a diamond tester. But EVERYBODY will be seeing if that shit really hits.

And my jewelry?

It really hits that hard. So everybody will know you got some real drip. And you won’t get caught lacking (like I was).

Ever since I first told this story, by the way, people have been telling me how the same thing happened to them:

They spent thousands on diamonds, but everybody thought it was fake. Then when they got my jewelry everybody knew it was real.

Why would you spend 20-30x on diamonds?... When my real jewelry, hits harder? If you’re about to cashout on some diamonds. I highly recommend you get my jewelry to compare it.

"Will I get green neck?"

When I was younger…

I had a cheap fake chain. And it gave me greenneck and got me clowned! Shot, right?

The green neck comes from nickle and lead. These metals are really cheap. And not meant for jewelry. That's what will give you green neck.

And I want to assure you, we don’t use that stuff in my jewelry. Never.

It’s made with 925 silver or jewelers brass (jewelers brass is brass made for jewelry that won’t turn your neck green).

Whatever material you choose, you won’t have a green neck. You’ll have a froze neck though.

But one thing to know:

I’m not your doctor (or a doctor at all). I don’t know what you’re allergic to. Some people are allergic to things like bread.

But if you’re not allergic to solid gold, or solid silver then you won’t be allergic to this. That’s because there are NO METALS in this, that are not used in solid gold or solid silver.

“How long will the drip last? Forever?”

This won’t last forever. Just being honest.

It’s made to last years with good care.

Like a pair of shoes...

You can ruin it by not taking good care of it. Or it can last years with good care.

But it does come with a one year warranty, and does last years with good care. Just don’t work out in it, sleep in it, or shower in it.

I’m just being honest. If I could make it last forever, I would.

ANY jeweler telling you there jewelry will last forever is lying to you.

Seriously. Stones fall out. Diamonds don’t last forever. Solid 14k gold will tarnish.

Yes, diamonds don’t last forever. [1]

Yes, even solid 14k gold will tarnish, because it isn’t pure gold [2]


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(Feel free to check the sources)

"Where you located?"

I’m in TX but I don’t have any stores you can come to. Kinda shot. But this keeps my prices low. And you do get to try my jewelry out before you buy.

"Is checkout safe?"

Yes. It always is. You can checkout safe with your card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal